Saturday, August 15, 2009

Backpacks for Little Guys

So Kaden is definitely smaller than most children his age. He is just now making the change from size 18/24 month old clothes to a size 3/4. Yes, Kaden is almost 6 and is just now getting into size 3/4 clothes.

The problem started when we went back-to-school shopping for "school" supplies (which is a whole other post for a different day). Every backpack was too large but he had his heart set on getting a backpack that day for school. His brother got a backpack, it wasn't fair!

So we were so excited when we found this backpack from L.L.Bean. It is tailor made for little guys like mine -- just his size to manage and still big enough to fit actual school books & supplies in it. We had the most fun picking it out online and I even had it monogrammed with his initials, very cute!

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Cody Jean said...

I spotted this post when I was visiting for "Show Us Your Life" and had to comment because we have the same backpack for Egan!

Of course he's only 2 and uses it for day care, but he's going to be a little guy too, so hopefully it'll last him a long time. We love L.L.Bean stuff!