Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One Step Closer

It's no secret that times in the real estate business are tough these days. The office I work in has been holding on by a thread and it's only just starting to show signs of improvement and at a very slow pace.

The people I work for are amazing and care very much about me as I do them--We are more like family. So I know it was hard for them to cut my hours about 2 weeks ago but I have to admit I am loooovvvving it!!! I now leave work in time to pick up my boys from school when before I worked until 5:00 everyday. Those 2 extra hours added to my day are the best!

I enjoy the extra time spent on the playground after school visiting with other moms and watching our children play with each other and look for turtles :).

Sitting and doing homework while having an after school snack.

Going home to make dinner without the pressure of having it on the table in less than 10 minutes because if I don't everyone will "just die of starvation".

It's only 2 extra hours a day, but it means so much more than that--I am closer to being the stay at home mom I dream about.

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kristi said...

so sorry to hear your work hours were cut...but glad you are able to enjoy them with your family!