Tuesday, June 2, 2009

All cats go to heaven..

And moles too....

Working out at the "stinky house" this weekend we found a dead cat. Kaden was very intrigued by this and had many questions about heaven and animals. Then on Sunday night Sydney got ahold of a mole. This was her first kill and we are very sad for the poor little mole.

But does this face look like that of a harmful dog?

I have to ask myself that questions when she is outside at night and Kaden and I are the only ones at home and she growls at me....me. She is supposed to be our protector and maybe that is what she is telling me when I try to get her to come inside and she isn't ready. It freaks me out a little bit. I am running off to email Cesar Millan - Dog Whisperer right now.

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