Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Break

Today is the last day of school for my children for 12 days!! That's not all--Today is my last day of work for 5 days!! Now, in the past, this would have been a very stressful situation. Not only did I have to figure out how I could possibly miss work, I had to figure out what to do with my children because the daycare would also be closed.

Anyone else have all the mixed emotions that school breaks bring?

It would always turn out that I would "have" to stay home half the time and would feel guilty for the childcare I found for the other half. I never did enjoy any of this so called vacation time.

Now, I not only get to stay home but I plan to enjoy it 100%! Life is so much better when you have someone else invested in you. I blame all of this excitement on my husband! For taking care of me and our family and giving me the opportunity to actually enjoy it all.

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