Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feelings of Inadequacy

I was so excited to come home last night to my ornament exchange package!

When I opened it, there were so many wonderful gifts that I became a little overwhelmed at the thought that the package I sent in return may have been a little inadequate.

Jennifer at Perfectly Imperfect was my exchange partner. I have enjoyed reading her blog and learning about who she is. I feel like I know her and if I lived near her, we would be great friends!
I tried to get pictures of everything but Jennifer even sent a package of baseball cards each for the boys--they didn't give me much time to take a picture. They were just as excited as I was to see the package!

The ornaments are perfect! Two of them. A Texas snow globe and the letter A. (Pictures don't do these gifts justice, I had to use my cell phone--batteries are dead on the camera)
And if all that wasn't enough--She made a plaque with our name and married year on it! Jennifer made this herself! It is so beautiful! It fits perfectly in our home.

Her mom also made a scarf which I didn't get a picture of but is so pretty as well!

This was a wonderful experience for me and I am so glad I participated! Thank you Jennifer for all these gifts! I will treasure them forever and every year when I put the ornaments on the tree, I will remember you and your generosity to me and my family.

I mean come on, not just anyone would include something special for my banshees too!


Jennifer said...

aww I don't like your title!! I just go overboard sometimes and can't help myself - I'm just like my mother when it comes to gift giving!
I'm really happy you liked everything and your boys liked their cards. Allen is an avid baseball card collector and we knew we had to pass on some of that fun.
I haven't checked me mail since Saturday (since I'm in an apartment, it's easy to not go all the way to the front office area to get our mail) but as soon as I get my package, I'll be blogging about it!
I hope y'all have a Merry Christmas!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

How fun!! That plaque is SO cool. And I'm sure the stuff you sent was wonderful - I always do the same thing after I send something, too. :)

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

So fun! You got some wonderful and creative gifts. I love the A ornament ad the plaque. I'm glad you had such a nice surprise waiting for you.