Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Office Space

OK, so I didn't tackle the office yesterday like I thought I would, but I have posted pictures that I am very embarrassed over that will hopefully motivate me to start. The only problem is I have to fit all of this stuff into the space. There isn't any other place for it.

There are two computers, two desks, a bookcase, a pair of chairs that I hope to one day re-finish. Found those beauties at the thrift store a few years ago.

Yes, there is a dresser mirror, the dresser is in the hallway.
and even workout equipment.

This is everything that's left from our merging of the households that there just isn't enough room for. So it isn't that it's a complete mess, there just isn't a place for everything.

I did however submerge myself in The Bachelorette and read my book until 11:30 last night. Good news, the boys are home early tonight instead of tomorrow. Yippeee!

I will get this space organized and post pictures to prove it.

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