Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Nephew is on His Way

My sister might be going into labor right now!!! I am supposed to be with her except she is 3 hours away in Kansas City.

I was there for the birth of my niece three years ago and I want to be there again for my nephew's birth. I was honored that my sister wanted me in the delivery room with her. I raced to KC to be with her knowing that a crazy snow storm was brewing. Not only was it a crazy snow storm, it was one of the worst. I stayed a day later than planned to wait it out but ended up sitting on I-70 for 7 hours anyway. What normally would have been a 3 hour trip ended being 12 hours!! My phone battery had died. It was cold and dark and Levi was driving up and down the Hwy looking for me and we had only been dating 6 months. Who does that? My amazing boyfriend now husband! I was not about to let this one get away!

This is the first picture of my niece--November 30, 2006.

This is a video I found on Kelly's Korner and had to share it.

Edited to Add: False alarm. Is it selfish to say I'm glad because now I have a better chance of being there.?.

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