Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prize Winning Duck

When Kaleb was 2 I decided to make his Halloween costume and it was a hit. He was a duck complete with feathers. I paraded his cuteness around town and to this day I wish I had that evening on video. I will hunt our picture collection and scan the pictures I know I have buried in a photo album of his "winning" costume and post them here next week. You will have to stop by for a look--I'll try to post instructions too.

I say winning because we randomly went to Wal-Mart that night and they just so happened to be having a costume contest, which we were persuaded into entering. We won 1st place!! I think we were given a gift card and some other goodies.

We had such a fun time and Kaleb really played the part of the quacking duck.

This post was inspired by prompt #5 at Mama's Losin It.


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Would love to see a picture of that costume!


Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Oh it sounds so cute. I hope you find the photograph so that we all can see it.

Erin said...

How great that you won, I bet it really was a cute duck!