Friday, October 16, 2009

Writer's Workshop

This week's theme over at Mama's Losin' It was all about moms and what it was like growing up.

I really wish I could have had the chance to interview my grandmother before she passed away--she was the woman who raised me. I remember every year at school for Mother's Day we would celebrate by making cards and homemade bouquets. I always made them for my Grandma who proudly displayed them all over her home. Although we moved around A LOT all over Las Vegas during my childhood, my Grandmother's was the one constant place we had to go to.

I have become friends with my birth mother and have developed a strong friendship with her and now I am looking forward to building a strong relationship with my mother-in-law. So I decided to interview her on motherhood.

"Motherhood changed me by having a child to focus on and they do become your life. You would do anything for them.

Can't say I have a favorite age, every stage of Levi's life was special and I wouldn't have missed any of it.

I do miss having him in the house. It was hard when he went to college, but I love it when I have my grandkids come visit and fill the void.

The most difficult time was when he got hurt in any way. I would have traded places with him in a heartbeat.

The most rewarding part was just having Levi, he continues to bring so much joy to our lives along with his new family."

She is a fabulous lady and my father-in-law is pretty awesome too!

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panamamama said...

Great post! I have a great mom in law too and it makes life so much easier.