Monday, November 2, 2009

DIY Award Winning Duck Costume

This is Kaleb on Halloween 2001 in his award winning duck costume.

And just for grins this is him pouting-- he had a long night and couldn't stand it any longer.
I started out with a glue gun, a yellow sleeper, hat, white boa, and some orange, black and white felt.
I first glued the orange felt over the feet of the sleeper and white felt on the tummy.

Then glue strands of the boa around the ankles, wrists, and neck and bunched up for the tail.
Next, take the hat and glue orange felt on the bill. Make eyes with the black and white felt. Then cover the entire hat with boa feathers.


Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

Found your site through a mutual "blog" friend-- and I can't believe you made that costume yourself! I am what you call, um, domestically challenged, that type of skill is way out of my comfort zone!


Jen said...

Wow, crafty! That's a great idea! So cute too :)