Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Those $70 Red Heels

Sydney was a stray puppy brought home on Halloween 2007 by the Mr. and I clearly remember the conversation we had over the phone before Sydney showed up.

Levi (on his way home): There is something we haven't talked about before that we need to talk about now.

Me (heading out with the boys for some old fashioned trick-or-treating): Really, this sounds important, do you want to talk about it now?

Levi: I know your feelings about having animals but what if I were to bring one home?

Me: Ummm.....

Levi: I would take care of her.....

Fast forward a few days or weeks, a month maybe. I'm really not sure how long it was because I tend to block horrible some things from my memory, although I do remember it was after she chewed up the bottom of the kitchen blinds!

This was worse than the blinds though, these were those red shoes I spent way too much money on.

These $70 red shoes were purchased on a trip to New York City. After spending way too long in Macy's and almost leaving sans shoes, Levi was a little upset so I clearly had to buy something. I left spending more on a pair of shoes than I have ever spent on shoes before and not feeling to good about it either.

After Sydney got a hold of them I tried to wear them, missing one heel and all, but it just didn't work out. I had to throw them out.

Sydney has chewed up more shoes than I care to think about but this by far was the most destructive thing she has done to me. I have yelled "she's out of here" a few times but from the words of Kaleb "mom doesn't mean that, she's just mad". We love our Sydney.

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Frugal Vicki said...

What is it with dogs and shoes.When we get a dog, it isn't going to like me much because I am one of those crazy women that doesn't care about shoes, so I don't have many, and none that are expensive. Chew away little monster

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Our puppy ate 13 thongs and 2 pairs of shoes this week. My daughter left the door to her room open. UGHHH Damn Dog.