Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's In My Shopping Cart?

On my last shopping trip I saved 56% off my total bill after coupons and rebates!!!

My total bill for everything shown here was $100.19.

Most everything purchased was already on sale.

I had $23.60 in coupons

$15.00 from the Olay rebate

$5.00 from Clorox rebate

$5.00 from the SC Johnson Rebate. Each family can use up to 3 rebates and I still have 2 left.

I also mailed off the $50 purchased in P&G products rebate to receive $100 back in P&G coupons.

On another note, I went to Target and picked up 4 of these priced at .97 cents each with 4 - $1.00 off 1 Johnson products coupons for a total of FREE!!

Three of these count towards another $5.00 SC Johnson rebate so instead of FREE I make a profit of $5.00.

Not a bad day at the grocery store!!

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